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Seducer experience to host a bigger company on an outdoor party. The "szaletli" protects from the blazing sun, and from rain, but only a few people find enough room in it, or the sitting down is difficult. I tried to find a solution to this problem with this custom-built furniture.

A useful size, well-planned terrace is as good as a plus living-room. I planned these around 6 m² proportional terraces according to two kinds of claims. This mediterranean atmosphere solution, may be the pleasant scene of the the social life and culinary delights.The stone and the metal dominate mainly here.

This multi-functional terrace has been made with relaxing places and playgrounds for childish families. The lot of tree is its feature. Here is placed a sun-bed, a chair with an interesting form, a serving trolley with the table function too, a pillow holder, a swing, indeed a sandpit.
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