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Same groundplane – different requirements
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Rooms of flats
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Claims: Home-movie, game table, reader's corner, separatabless, sight-elements.

Solution: The form got the primary role, but not at the expense of the function. The space is divided into a central and an intimater but not a side-issue parts by the applied built shelves, casing pattern, lighting, line of the ribbon curtain (what is suitable for the space separation and darkening equally), the shape of the carpet, and the arrangement of the sit-down furniture.
Claims: Many different kinds of activities (conversation, watching TV, sleeping, dining, home work), moderate design.

Solution: Application of furniture for sitting/lying (which can be modified in some steps), coffee table (which can be raised and used as a meal table), expandable bookshelf (which functioning also as a divider), turnable TV shelf and desk, clearly assigned functions, sheet curtains serving also as paintings.
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