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In most of my works can be found some kind of custom-designed furniture. The reason of these are mainly the special expectations, unique sizes, or the claim of the better place utilisation.

The customers of this kitchen plan also desired some kind of speciality, clear sketching, flat surfaces. This airy, clear central room existenced after the wall-demolition of the kitchen. The arcs give the speciality of the furniture, the selected substance was flexible, painted "MDF" sheet and granite plate.

Photos: Péter Favics - SzépLAK, and my own make photos
I planned this dancing chair pair to the "Furniture of the future" application announced by the Hungarian Bútorszövetség (Furniture Alliance) in regularly earlier and because of the jury found it worthy onto an exhibition, the prototype may have been ready.
It was presented in the International Furniture Fair on 1996.
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